HaiTai Solar is not a new brand name …

For the last 13 years, HaiTai Solar was producing solar panels under OEM for the most well-known Tier 1 brand names that are being sold all over the world. HaiTai Solar is the number 1 OEM producer in the world with the quality ranked as A+++. Recently Haitai Solar has entered market in Europe with its own brand name, which Sun Track is going to promote and sell as their official distributor in the Benelux.

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Nummer 1 in OEM productie

Buy directly from the factory

Skip the middle chain and buy directly from the producer. We deliver Yourpallets from Rotterdam.

Lowest price guarantee

We deliver the best quality at extremely low prices. Look in our webshop for more info.

Fast production time

HaiTai Solar has 9 production lines only in China alone and can therefore deliver modules quickly.

Private Label

From 1 container we are able to supply solar panels with a Private Label (your own brand name).

Double Glass

More efficiency for less money

Normal glass – foil solar panels will decrease in power after years of exposure by exposing the solar panels to moisture, temperature differences and mechanical issues. This can be found on the issued guarantee that decreasing after 25 years to around 80%. Glass Glass panels are more stronger, so that the degradation is less and the life circle of these solar panels is higher.

HaiTai Solar provides a 12-year warranty on the glass-glass solar panels and the efficiency will only decreases after 30 years to 80%. In addition, the glass-glass panels without a frame will not accumulate dirt and moisture at the bottom of the solar panel, meaning that the solar panels do not have to be cleaned as often.

Aanbieding Glas-Glas

Mounting systems for solar parks

We work together with a leading steel and aluminum producer from Russia with extensive experience in the field of constructions for solar parks. Its well known fact that quality of steel in Russia is very high and prices are low. Not to mention hard weather conditions which makes these systems extremely resistant to cold and wind. In recent years, they have supplied Mw of such steel constructions in Russia and CIS and, more recently, in Europe. Sun Track is the Benelux distributor for this smart and money-saving mounting systems. Do you want to know what can You save if You order with us?

Alluminium constructions FCII

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