HaiTai Solar   

HaiTai Solar produces solar panels for Tier 1 brands that are sold in Europe (OEM). With a factory in China and Vietnam, 900 employees are working in order to produce 5.5 Gw of modules per year. Together with Q Cells, Haitai is sharing 10th place in the world being one of the largest solar panel producers’ in the world.

In order to meet the enormous demand, HaiTai Solar is currently busy in setting up two more production plants.

Together with Sun Track, HaiTai Solar is going to sell solar panels in Europe under its own brand name. In addition to the standard series Poly and Mono, HaiTai Solar has developed its own patented panel (Tarzan series) in which 1/3 cells are being used. The cells are placed against each other without a gap in between, so that a very high power up to 450 Wp can be reached in terms of efficiency (more info)


HaiTai Solar - a look behind the scenes

HaiTai Solar not Tier 1 status ...

Tier 1 says nothing about the quality of the solar panels but more about the status of the company. The only reason why Haitai Solar is not Tier 1 yet, is because they was always producing modules for other famous brand names (OEM production).

Vertical integration: The entire production process is carried out in-house by fully automatic High Tech machines. The quality of the solar panels is thus the highest.

Research & development: HaiTai Solar invests heavily in R&D and in 2019 developed an innovative high-efficiency solar panel (Tarzan series). With this development, HaiTai Solar is way ahead of the competitors and HaiTai Solar has a worldwide patent on this groundbreaking technology.

Advanced robotic processes: the production process is carried out by 9 fully automatic production lines, even the gluing and placing of the aluminum profiles is carried out by Robots. Unique point is that even when soldering the bus bars together, no human hands are involved.

It is not for nothing that Tier 1 suppliers have their solar panels produced by HaiTai Solar. HaiTai Solar is the number 1 in OEM production.

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